Lanka Pattuna

One of the sacred place of the Sri Lanka where Prince Dantha and Princess Hemamala brought the Sacred Tooth Relic of Buddha. After that, this place became Buddhist Monastery and many kings developed the Lanka Patuna Temple.

Koneswaram Temple

The Temple of the Thousand Pillars and Dakshina-Then Kailasam is a classical-medieval Hindu temple complex in Trincomalee, a Hindu religious pilgrimage center in Eastern Province, Sri Lanka.

Velgam Vehera

This is a historical Buddhist temple situated in Kanniya, Trincomalee District. It also known to Hindus as Natanar Kovil. Historically Velgam Vehera was one of important Buddhist temples in the country, worshiped by both Sinhala and Tamil Buddhists.

Fort Frederick

 Fort Fredrick also known as Trincomalee Fort or Fort of Triquillimale, is a fort built by the Portuguese at Trincomalee, completed in 1624 CE, built on Swami Rock- Konamamalai from the debris of the world famous ancient Hindu Koneswaram Temple.

Trincomalee war cemetery

This is a British military cemetery for soldiers of the British Empire who were killed or died during World War II. The cemetery is located on approximately 6 Km north of the town of Trincomalee.

Sri Lakshmi Narayana Perumal Kovil

 Largest temple of "Lord Vishu" in Nilaveli, Trincomalee. Awesome architecture. It is in located on the road side when you go to Nilaveli Beach from Trincomalee Town. This temple is an amazingly calm, peaceful and pleasant place.

Sri Pathrakali Amman Temple

This is a Hindu temple dedicated to the goddess Bhadrakali, a form of the goddess Kali Amman in Trincomalee, the temple closed to the Hindu College Trincomalee.

Wilgam Rajamaha Viharaya

 The most important point is this temple was that this was worshipped by both Sinhala and Tamil Buddhist. That is one of the reason that Vilgam Vehera was not destroyed by south Indian Chola invasions in 10th century.

Seruwila Mangala Raja Maha Vihara

This is an ancient Buddhist temple in Trincomalee district, which is among the 16 or 17 holiest Buddhist shrines in Sri Lanka. It was built King Kavantissa containing the Lalata Dathun Wahanse of Lord Buddha.

Girihadu Seya

Girihandu Seya is an ancient Buddhist temple situated in Thiriyai, Trincomalee, Sri Lanka. The temple is supposed to be the first Buddhist Stupa in Sri Lanka, believed to be constructed by two seafaring merchants Trapusa and Bahalika.

Trincomalee Harbour

Trincomalee Harbour is a seaport in Trincomalee Bay or Koddiyar Bay, a large natural harbour situated on the northeastern coast of Sri Lanka. Located by Trincomalee,There have been many sea battles to control the harbour.

Kanniya hot water spring

The Kanniya Hot Springs is a site with hot wells located in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka. There are seven wells in a square shape. Wells are only 3–4 feet deep and you can clearly see the bottom.

Kallady Bridge

Kallady Bridge is a road bridge in eastern Sri Lanka. It crosses the Batticaloa Lagoon at Batticaloa. The bridge is part of the A4 Colombo-Batticaloa highway.

Batticaloa Fort

The Batticaloa Fort was built by the Portuguese in 1628 and was captured by the Dutch on 18 May 1638. The fort has a structure of four bastions and is protected by the Batticaloa Lagoon on two sides and a canal on the other two sides.

Batticaloa Gate

This is monument, which was used as port to connect Puliyanthivu with the mainland of Batticaloa. The place believed as landing site of Rev. William Ault, who was the first Methodist missionary to Batticaloa, in 1814.

Batticaloa Lighthouse

Batticaloa's lighthouse is around 5 km from Batticaloa city, on Bar Road. You can access to it by taking Lake Road near Kallady Bridge and proceeding along Sinna Uppodai Lagoon for around 4 km. It is a very nice area for cycling or walking.

St. Mary's Cathedral

The Cathedral of St. Mary is the cathedral church of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Batticaloa in Puliyanthivu. The cathedral is a landmark and catholic historical icon in the district of Batticaloa, Sri Lanka. It was first built in 1808 by Paschal Mudaliyar.

Batticaloa Museum

Batticaloa Museum is a small museum, which is located in inside of Batticaloa Fort, Batticaloa. It was founded in 1999. The museum has rare stuff such as Palm-leaf manuscripts, British era government items, tools and utensils.

Mamangam Temple

The Temple is a historically important temple for Hindus living around the world. The temple is believed to be built at the exact spot where “Raman” performed his prayers to Lord Siva. This is situated around three kilometers from Batticaloa town.

Sri Mangalarama Raja Maha Viharaya

This is located on Pansala road in Batticaloa and is the only Buddhist temple in Batticaloa district. It was heavily damaged by the ethnic conflicts and has been later rebuilt. There are Buddha’s statues and a stupa.

Rambakan Oya Ruins of Ancient Granite Canal

Ruins of the ancient Rambakan Oya giant rock canal lies close to the new Rambakan Oya Reservoir project in Ampara. The canal has been built with massive interlocking granite slabs which kept the rocks in position even in the worst conditions.

Oluvil Harbour

The Oluvil Harbour is a commercial and fishery harbour located in Ampara District, Eastern Province, Sri Lanka. The port was opened on 1 September 2013, its construction having begun in 2008 under the Nagenahira Navodaya programme.


Dighavapi is a Buddhist sacred shrine and an archaeological site in the Ampara District of Sri Lanka, boasting of historical records dating back to the 3rd century BCE..

Muhudu Maha Viharaya

Muhudu Maha Vihara is a Buddhist temple situated at Pottuvil in Ampara District, Eastern province of Sri Lanka. This temple which is situated near a wide beach, has been built over 2000 years ago by King Kavan Tissa of Ruhuna.

Buddhangala Monastery

The Buddhangala Monastery lies deep in the jungles about 7 kilometers off Ampara. The Monastery covers 1280 acres covering 5 rocks where the remains of the ancient monastery can be seen.

Magul Maha Viharaya

Magul Maha Viharaya is an ancient Buddhist temple situated in Lahugala, Ampara District. The temple lies on the northern edge of the Lahugala National Park, about 22 km off from Siyambalanduwa town and about 11 km off Pottuvil town.

Ukanthamalai Murugan Kovil

Ukanthamalai Murugan Kovil is the well known ancient Hindu temple situated in the Okanda, Ampara District of Eastern Sri Lanka, about 145 km south of Batticaloa town.

Lahugala Kitulana National Park

 Lahugala Kitulana National Park is one of the smallest national parks in Sri Lanka. Despite its land area, the park is an important habitat for Sri Lankan elephant and endemic birds of Sri Lanka. Lahugala Kitulana is situated 318 km east of Colombo.