The Kafirinja Dance of the Batticaloa Burghers

Guests can expect some festive delight in the form of the Kafringha, a traditional dance which is commonly performed by the Batticaloa Burghers community. The word "Burgher" is used to describe all descendants of the Portuguese, the Dutch and other Europeans born in Sri Lanka. Batticaloa Burghers are famous for the "Kafirinja" and "Lancers" dances. People from the Burgher community speak a language which is a Creole derivative and one that is slightly different from pure Portuguese. This language blends Portuguese with Sinhala and Tamil to produce a distinctive language. Unfortunately, it is a language in decline and the written form is almost unknown today. But their dance and music always bring them together.

This selection of dances will be performed in Veddukadu, which is just 15 minutes away from the town of Batticaloa. This special dance-based tour for the guests will go on for 2hrss and 30 minutes and will include Kafringha and Lancer Dancers performing and then, followed by a hearty dinner. Guests will not only get a taste of the lifestyle and history of this community but will also get to taste a selection of their traditional foods and home-made drinks alongside these dance performances. Guests will be warmly welcomed in the traditional way of the Burgher community in Batticaloa where a tune from one of their traditional instruments would be played whilst escorting the guests to the venue to watch the performance.