Corals Watching (Boat tour, beginners snorkeling, village lunch)

If you ask yourself, "is Batticaloa worth visiting", then it sure is! Fast becoming a tourist hotspot, the eastern city of Batticaloa has something to offer for everyone. Among the many things to do in Batticaloa and the many attractions that can be found in this area, is Coral Watching in Kayankerni. Tourists who visit this part of Batticaloa will find that the highest percentage of healthy corals in Sri Lanka is actually found here. This part of Batticaloa happens to be one of the very few places in Sri Lanka where these numbers of healthy corals can be found.

Kayankerni is therefore, known to hold the largest amount of coral reef to be found in the district. Guests can also find over 50 different species of corals and over 200 different species of fish. Kayankerni is located 25 kms from Passikudah and takes about a 30-minute drive if travelling from there. Adventurous guests can even find two shipwrecks of historical value that is worth checking out. This attraction is located in the Thennadi Bay Marine Area.

With that sizzling and yet inviting Batticaloa weather for guests who look forward to soak up some sun and an overall calming weather, Batticaloa has got the ideal beach experience waiting to be explored. Guests can enjoy snorkeling and diving to explore the rich and diverse underwater ecosystem. Or they can simply take a break on the pristine and welcoming beach environment that Batticaloa is famous for. Guests can also take a walk along the shoreline and take in their surroundings. Guests can also experience the community and understand the way of life for the locals.

The guests will be given a warm welcome in the traditional way at the Activity Demonstration Centre. They will be further updated about the tour activities, safety procedures, learn about the community, environment and other interesting things. They will then be taken to the beach by foot or by their own vehicle. Guests will be given life jackets and will get on to boats if guests wish to go snorkelling. Usually, before the boat trip starts, a small ritual is done by the local fishermen before entering the sea. The first spot of corals will be seen after fifteen minutes into the sea and is about 3 to 4 feet deep. Parts of the sea that has rocky areas is called the Elephant Rock by locals, where guests can see a lot of white corals, lots of shoaling and schooling fish.

Guests can then get to snorkel from there or watch jumping fish around that area. Bird watching enthusiasts will also be able to watch hundreds of migratory birds flying over during the seasons. There is also a natural swimming pool like area which looks like a half moon and surrounded by rocks along an isolated beach. Guests can have a walk there while enjoying the natural beauty of the place. For lunch, guests will be taken back to the beach where they can enjoy village-style homemade seafood, rice and curry.